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Five-Star Pest Control In Taylor, TX

The city of Taylor provides residents with the perfect blend of urban and suburban living. There is a bustling downtown that’s lined with barbeque joints and ice cream spots, but you’ll also find walking trails, lively parks, very good schools, and safe neighborhoods. Given Taylor’s proximity to Austin, residents have a lot of amenities at their fingertips. Part of living in this city, however, means encountering pest problems such as mosquitoes, scorpions, and more

At Georgetown Pest Control, we specialize in five-star pest control in Taylor, TX. We believe that pest control should be swift and efficient so that our neighbors don’t have to be concerned with pests any longer. When you partner with us, you’ll get to work with our highly trained and certified technicians who are backed by more than 15 years of industry experience. All of our services are environmentally responsible and built around your exact needs. We even offer a money-back guarantee as well. For more information on our services, please call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Taylor, TX

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Living in Taylor means possibly encountering pest problems. Luckily, Georgetown Pest Control is here to help. We are a local company with more than 15 years of industry experience and all of our technicians are highly trained and certified. When we treat your home, we listen to your concerns and treat them with environmentally responsible methods. We even provide a money-back guarantee so that you know that you’re always protected. 

In order to prevent pests from being an issue, we often recommend our quarterly pest program. These services are always complimented with detailed inspections and offer treatments like sealing off entry points and removing access to food sources. All of our services during these visits are safe for your entire household, too! For more information on residential pest control, call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Taylor, TX

At Georgetown Pest Control, it’s our mission to keep your Taylor business free from pest problems in order to protect your team and our greater community. With more than 15 years of industry experience and an in-depth knowledge of pest behavior, we are uniquely qualified to treat your property. Each of our technicians is trained and certified so you are always working with the best. 

We perform complete property inspections in order to become intimately familiar with your needs and create a pest prevention program around them. These treatments are environmentally responsible and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And by creating a routine maintenance schedule, we’ll be able to monitor the results closely and adapt our treatments when needed. To learn more about our commercial pest control services, call us today.

How Averzion Scorpion Barrier Keeps Taylor Homes Scorpion-Free

Scorpions are a very common pest invader for Taylor homeowners due to the region’s climate. While some of the scorpions that exist in the area are not a serious problem, there is the striped bark scorpion, which is capable of delivering a venomous bite. Regardless of the type of scorpion, homeowners will want to avoid them altogether. At Georgetown Pest Control, we use the Averzion Scorpion Barrier to create reliably scorpion-free homes. 

In order to determine the extent of scorpion populations, we always perform a comprehensive property inspection prior to any service. Once we’ve established the presence of scorpions, we move forward with an Averzion application. This product looks like glass, ensuring scorpions cannot climb it, and we can apply it to any type of structure. We’ll coat the surface with the product and can reapply as our customers need it. Because we are fully committed to satisfaction, we provide a money-back guarantee on services like these. For more information on scorpion control with Averzion, call us today.

Why Taylor Homes Need Professional Mosquito Abatement

When it comes to keeping mosquitoes off of Taylor properties, homeowners can benefit from professional services for a few key reasons:

  • Mosquitoes are seasonal pests. Mosquitoes will appear on a routine basis during the spring and last throughout the fall because of the warmth and humidity that the seasons provide. This makes them very challenging to avoid altogether. 
  • So many landscaping factors attract them. There are characteristics of yards such as standing water in bird baths and overgrown trees that serve as areas to lay eggs and hide from the sun during the day. Having these factors present can lead to an abundance of mosquitoes that can’t be avoided. 
  • They can find people anywhere. Lastly, people are a huge factor that lures mosquitoes because females need their blood in order to reproduce. Everything from blood type to body sweat can make people attractive to mosquitoes, and keeping them away is a challenge. 

When local homeowners need professional assistance with mosquitoes, Georgetown Pest Control is the team to call. We use environmentally responsible methods and always offer a money-back guarantee. In order to drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes that people see, we work with them to reduce attracting factors and also offer our targeted treatments on a recurring basis. For more information on mosquito control, call us today.

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