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Just over 20 miles from downtown Austin, Leander provides residents with natural attractions, excellent schools, and easy access to local entertainment. It also has industrial, retail, and office space for businesses, making it a wonderful place to live and work near one of the country's fastest-growing cities.

Various pests also enjoy living in this community. However, it doesn't always provide the necessary food, water, and shelter, forcing animals to look to residents for these essentials. These intruders can destroy landscaping, damage buildings, and spread illnesses when they invade properties. Removing these pests can be dangerous and ineffective, so you should call Leander pest control professionals for help.

Georgetown Pest Control provides residents of the greater Austin area with expert pest solutions. Our pest technicians have experience in the community and are ready to eliminate your problem.

Residential Pest Control In Leander

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Leander provides a relaxing lifestyle for residents, but pests can disrupt that feeling. When these animals get onto your property, they can damage your home and create a health risk for your family. Many hide from residents, making them hard to find. Fortunately, pest control professionals are nearby to help.

Georgetown Pest Control specialists serve over 3,000 residents. We start with a free inspection and estimate before developing the best treatment plan. After investigating your property to determine the problem and vulnerable areas, we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to eliminate infestations.

In addition to our initial treatment, we can return quarterly to continue addressing your pest issues. We primarily treat outside to avoid intrusions but can work inside if needed. Call us today to learn more about our home pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control In Leander

Many people that move to Leander work in Austin and commute daily. However, this community has plenty of commercial space to build businesses. While the city has a large population, local pests cause the most problems. These animals can invade your facility, causing damage and illnesses while inside.

At Georgetown Pest Control, we design our commercial pest control services to protect your business. Serving over 300 establishments, we'll thoroughly inspect your facility to find pests and vulnerable parts of your building. Every business is unique, so we customize our services to meet your needs.

Protecting your commercial facility from pests is essential for success. Our team at Georgetown Pest Control knows the local animals and how to eliminate infestations. Give us a call if pests are causing problems in your Leander facility.

Why Mosquitoes In Leander Are So Difficult To Control

Mosquitoes are more active in warm weather, so the Central Texas climate is ideal for these pests. Most mosquitoes are annoying and don't threaten residents, but some can spread illnesses when they bite.

These pests typically appear around dawn and dusk to bite people, but that doesn't mean they're gone the rest of the day. They usually rest and reproduce when they're not feeding and use shade and water to avoid the heat. Some factors that attract mosquitoes to Leander yards include:

  • Standing water
  • Debris
  • Clogged gutters
  • Tall grasses

These tiny insects are hard to see while they rest and can breed wherever there's water. As a result, they're able to increase in numbers unnoticed. Additionally, their ability to fly enables them to bite and quickly depart to safety before you can swat them away.

Mosquitoes will continue to invade your property until you call professionals for help. Our pest technicians at Georgetown Pest Control will install larvae traps to catch these pests and eliminate common breeding sites. Our environmentally-friendly process can reduce mosquitoes by 80% to 90%, keeping your family safe.

Mosquitoes cause a health hazard to residents, but our team has the tools to get them away from your home. Contact us today for the best mosquito control in Leander.

Expert Rodent Exclusion Services For Leander Homes

Rodents are a threat to your home once they step on your property. These creatures will dig into your landscaping to build nests and eat fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Mice and rats are the most common house rodents and cause the worst damage. They can fit through tiny gaps in your exterior and hide inside attics and walls. They'll dig into your insulation for warmth, making the material less effective, and chew on electrical wiring, possibly causing fires.

Our rodent exclusion experts at Georgetown Pest Control will get rid of rodents and wildlife on your property. We use proven exclusion techniques to remove the pests and seal the exterior of your home to ensure they don't return.

It's dangerous to have rodents on your Leander property because they can cause damage and spread illnesses to occupants. Our specialists know how to remove these pests and protect your home in the future. Call us today if you see rodents around your property.

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