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Reliable Pest Control In Bastrop, TX

Bastrop is 30 miles east of Austin and on the banks of the Colorado River. Nearby Austin provides plenty of entertainment options, and the Lost Pines Forest is even closer, sitting on the outskirts of town. Bastrop has several locally-owned shops, restaurants, and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

While many people love living in Bastrop, pests do as well. These creatures reside in the woods and waterways around town, invading homes and businesses to escape poor weather and dangerous features outdoors. They’ll search for food and water, causing damage and spreading illnesses. They’re hard to find and eliminate, but Bastrop, TX, pest control professionals can help.

Georgetown Pest Control is Bastrop County’s most trusted source for pest control. We provide expert pest solutions for communities in the Lost Pines region.

Residential Pest Control In Bastrop

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The pests in Bastrop are a major nuisance for residents, but some cause more problems. They enter through tiny entry points in your exterior and damage hidden spaces. They’ll also leave waste and pathogens around your home that can cause illnesses. Pest control professionals can remove these pests from your house, keep others from invading, and clean up the bacteria that can cause health concerns.

Georgetown Pest Control is the area’s best source for home pest control in Bastrop, TX. The first step in solving your pest problem is inspecting your property for pest activity, harborage areas, and entry points. We’ll treat several aspects of your interior, including your garage, attic, and crawl space. We’ll also inspect and treat your lawn and landscaping for pests.

After our initial treatment, we offer quarterly recurring services to reestablish your external barrier and provide interior service when necessary. Give us a call to protect your Bastrop home from pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Bastrop

Pests love commercial facilities because they provide food, water, and shelter, essential for the animals around Bastrop. When these pests get into your business, they can damage your property, harm your products, and frighten your customers. Commercial pest control in Bastrop, TX, is the only way to protect your facility from these potentially devastating intrusions.

Every commercial facility and infestation is unique, so our pest technicians at Georgetown Pest Control customize our services to your needs. Facilities with kitchens are the most vulnerable to infestations because pests invade buildings for food and water. We focus our services on these areas to eliminate intruders that contaminate food and can harm your staff and customers.

We provide pest control for businesses in various industries and recommend regular recurring services for year-round protection. Let us know if you need our help keeping pests away from your commercial facility.

Why Professional Mosquito Abatement In Bastrop Is Worth It

Mosquitoes are irritating pests that invade properties in warm weather, biting during dawn and dusk. Most of these insects are relatively harmless, but some can cause illnesses when they bite. They hide in tall grass and brush during the day to avoid direct sunlight and require standing water for reproduction, so eliminating these features can help keep them away.

Maintaining the grass, brush, and standing water on your Bastrop property can be difficult. A short rain can cause enough water to draw these pests to your home. Mosquito abatement professionals have the tools to significantly reduce the number of these pests on your property, keeping you safe and comfortable.

At Georgetown Pest Control, we can install mosquito larvae traps around your property and eliminate their resting and breeding sites. Our Bastrop mosquito treatment process is environmentally friendly and reduces the population around your home by up to 90%. Mosquitoes are a seasonal problem, so we provide treatments when they’re most active. Call us today to protect your property from these annoying pests.

All The Problems Local Wildlife Can Cause For Bastrop Homeowners

Bastrop provides natural habitats for several wild animals, enabling them to live near homes. However, development in the area can remove these habitats and cause these creatures to look elsewhere for their necessities. Unfortunately, they sometimes find residential areas, invading properties for food, water, and shelter.

Wild animals can cause several problems for homeowners when they make their way onto their properties. Some of these issues are indirect, and others are caused directly by these creatures. The problems local wildlife can cause for Bastrop homeowners include:

  • Property damage

  • Carry fleas and ticks into your yard

  • Damage gardens and yards

  • Spread damage and illnesses inside homes

Our wildlife control services in Bastrop from Georgetown Pest Control start by searching your property to find these pests and determine how they got into your house. After removing them from your home, we’ll seal their entry points to keep others from getting inside. We can even provide tree-trimming services to keep animals from accessing your roof.

The wild animals around Bastrop can cause significant problems when they invade residential properties. Contact us if you see these potentially dangerous intruders near your home.