The Key To A Pest-Free Home In Georgetown

clean pest-free kitchen

Property owners in Georgetown usually invest substantial amounts of time and resources to ensure their homes remain comfortable, safe, and attractive. Unfortunately, a host of burdensome and potentially harmful types of pests that exist in this region can become very problematic. 

What are the best ways of getting rid of pests? Many of the pests in this region will damage property and could pose health risks. Consulting with a local pest control company is usually the best choice. A Georgetown pest control professional has the tools and equipment needed for ousting pests quickly and safely. Qualified professionals also understand the best preventative measures that will help keep harmful creatures away.  

Pest Control Is Very Important For The Health Of Your Home

One reason why homeowners should seek assistance from a professional provider of residential pest control in Georgetown is that many pests also cause property damage.  

Termites are a pest that causes billions of dollars in property damage across the U.S. each year. The majority of homeowner’s insurance policies exclude termite-related property damage from coverage. Carpenter ants are another wood-destroying pest that may generate problems for local property owners. 

Rodents are known for carrying hantavirus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and a host of other dangerous health-related problems. Rodents also might introduce small parasites to the property and might trigger electrical fires as they rummage through and gnaw on wiring in your home. 

The Many Problems Pest Infestations Can Create In Your Home 

Many of the pests found in residential settings pose human health risks. For example, mosquitoes are a significant public health concern that is associated with the Zika Virus, the West Nile virus, malaria, and others.  

As they travel throughout a home, cockroaches may contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, and accumulations of saliva, shed skin, and excrement may trigger allergic reactions. 

The Williamson County and Cities Health District report that residents with a fire ant colony on their property sometimes disturb the nest and suddenly find themselves facing a group of aggressive ants. Fire ants can deliver a painful sting, and some people experience dangerous allergic reactions. 

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Is Usually Less Than Effective 

Are your wondering how to do your own home pest control treatment? Do-it-yourself home treatment options, such as those sold in retail stores, are often ineffective. Some of the reasons why local homeowners should contact a professional provider of residential pest control services include the following:  

  • Most mass-marketed pest control products are “one-size-fits-all” solutions, yet your property and the nature and extent of the problem are unique.
  • Some of these store-bought solutions may contain harsh chemical formulas that adversely impact humans, pets, or our local environment. 
  • The presence of certain predatory creatures such as spiders, centipedes, or some types of beetles might indicate that an underlying pest-related problem exists. 

While property owners should adopt a multi-faceted strategy for the prevention of harmful pests, promptly contacting a local pest control professional is the best solution for handling existing infestations.  

Contact Georgetown Pest Control For A Pest-Free Home All Year 

What are the best ways of dealing with infestations involving the various types of pests in this region? Licensed pest control experts are familiar with the behavior of large and small creatures that invade homes.  

The team of local professionals with Georgetown Pest Control is well-equipped to perform quality pest control solutions including termite control, cockroach extermination, wildlife exclusion services, and more. As a truly full-service provider, we also assist customers with mosquitoes, ants, rodents, and many other troublesome pests that might pose health risks and create property damage. Contact our office today regarding an onsite inspection. Keep in mind that we also offer ongoing residential pest protection plans that include quarterly treatment visits by qualified specialists.