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Scorpions prefer warm and dry climates, making Texas communities an excellent environment. These arachnids eat insects, spiders, and centipedes, helping residents avoid infestations. However, some types of scorpions contain venom that can be harmful to people.

In addition to being venomous, striped bark scorpions are among the few species that climb structures. They can ascend brick and stucco walls, making them a threat to Texas residents. Keeping these pests from climbing your building is essential to avoiding their potential dangers.

Georgetown Pest Control provides residents with Averzion Scorpion Barriers. We can install this physical barrier on your building and reapply coatings in the future to keep these potentially dangerous creatures away from your home or business. This material can be installed on any building and looks like glass, ensuring it doesn't change the appearance of your structure. In addition to protecting you from scorpions, this material can prevent other pests from climbing your building and causing damage.

Scorpions are a common fear for Texas residents, but they don't have to bother you. Georgetown Pest Control provides the best scorpion control to keep these potentially dangerous animals from climbing your structure. Call us today to learn more about our pest control services in Georgetown, TX.

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Our Averzion Scorpion Barrier Installation Process

Scorpions usually aren't dangerous on your Georgetown property, only attacking prey. However, they might sting you if they feel disturbed or threatened. Striped bark scorpions are common in Texas and have potent venom that can cause severe symptoms in people.

Since scorpions in Texas are more likely to sting when handled, the best way to avoid problems is to keep them off your property. These pests often invade homes and businesses looking for shelter, so removing these attractants will help keep them away. Some harborage items for scorpions include:

  • Wood piles
  • Trash
  • Debris
  • Large stones
  • Lumber

While these tips can help to prevent scorpion invasions, they still might wander onto your property. Even if you seal entry points, striped bark scorpions can climb walls to reach your roof. The Averzion Scorpion Barrier is the best way to get rid of scorpions on your property.

This product provides a smooth layer on your home or business that scorpions can't climb. The slick barrier technology produces a clear glaze, appearing like glass. It dries in two hours and is fully cured in 72 hours, keeping these arachnids from invading your home.

Our specialists at Georgetown Pest Control can install this barrier on any structure, protecting people and pets from scorpions. We'll apply the material during our initial visit and can reapply it to vulnerable areas annually. Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

Frequently Asked Questions

All scorpions sting, but only 30 of the around 1,500 species produce potent venom that can harm people. Most stings result in red skin, slight swelling, and mild pain around the sting area. However, the symptoms of some scorpion stings can be much worse.

Unfortunately, the striped bark is one of those 30 dangerous scorpions and the most common in Texas. Some of the symptoms of striped bark scorpion stings include numbness, swelling, difficulty breathing, and difficulty swallowing. If you're stung by a scorpion and experience these symptoms, you should go to the emergency room for treatment.

The most common reason Central Texas scorpions invade Georgetown properties is for a place to live. The best way to prevent these animals from invading your property is to remove spaces around your building's exterior where these pests can hide.

When you remove these objects, scorpion activity might increase while they look for the recently-removed habitat. The professionals at Georgetown Pest Control have the tools and experience to prevent scorpions from invading your home. In addition to removing scorpions, our specialists can install the Averzion Scorpion Barrier to keep them out.

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